The purpose of this site is to allow people to sell their products (handmade or whatever they have and they can spare). If someone else can use them or make them a present it's perfect.

The purpose of this site is only to intermediate the relastion between the producer (seller) and client. We don't sell anything, we do not tax the mentioned relation (we take 0 percent from the purchase), but we ask for a subscription in order to sell.

You don't have to make an account to buy (but no one is forbidding you to make one), but you need one to sell. The account is free, the products and their images can be uploaded on site for free, but you need to pay a subscription in order to sell (the products will be hidden to the other until then).

The monthly subscription depends of the number of products you want to upload on this website. There are several types of subscription, you can pay them monthly or once for the next several months. The change in subscription type can be done only at the end of current subscription period. If the subscription is not extended the products will be hidden again for the public until you extend or change your subscription.

You can find details about every operation in the articles from the menu in the bottom of the page. If you are still unclear about anything after reading them you can use the contact form in order to ask for additional information.

The site is administrated by Supravirtual SRL.

Scopul acestui site este a de permite oamenilor să-și vîndă produsele pe care le crează manual sau pe care le au prin casă (și de care nu mai au nevoie). Dacă cineva le poate găsi o utilizare plăcută sau le poate face cadou e perfect.