• The first step is creating a new account. You can do it for free, but the account comes under the terms and conditions of this site - breaking the rules or the law can bring you closing that account and ban from the site.
  • The second step is to configure your store, that means to fill in all the data necessary to finish the orders: the description of the store, the conditions and ways for delivery of producsts, the accepted payments, the country you deliver in, the returns and changes of products, the store policy and frequent questions.
  • The third step is to add the products, upload the pimages, add the description and the attributes for each product. The number of products you can add is not limited, but the number of product visible to the public can be limited depending the subscription type you choose.

All the previous steps are free. You can dot it any time, but in order to sell you have to subscribe (a montly subscription you can pay each month or for the next few months at once). The products will be available for the visitors and can be ordered only during an active subscription. If you want to stop the current subscription (no matter the reason) you can do it using the subscription administration interface (your store section).

There are three subscription types, depending the number of available products:

  • 15 euros for 10 products
  • 25 euros for 50 products
  • 50 euros for 200 products

You can not have 2 subscriptions in the same time for an account (but nobody stops you to create several accounts to sell items), but if you want to change the subscription type you will have to wait until the end of the current subscription or to stop the current subscription and start a new one.

Payment methods for the subscription:

  • Paypal (you can pay using your Paypal account or with your credit / debit card).

The subscription is paid in advance, and if you stop the subscription after a period of time (before it's end time) the money will not be returned. If you break the rules and the law and the subscription is stoped (before it's end time) the money will not be returned.

What we offer you more then other platforms:

  • the description of your store and of your products are available in several languages. The description can be very detailed - it can contain videos from YouTube, Vimeo and other platforms, images, links to your Facebook profile and page, or even elements from Facebook (images, videos and posts). You can actually create an entire network using this platform, it can contain all your stores and it would be available in several languages spoken worldwide.
  • a good seach engine optimization for your store and your products
  • flexibility - you can customize your products and their attributes as you like