Terms and condition when using the site Cutia cu surprize (the Surprises Box), mandatory for all users of this website. Creating an account on this site, whatever you sell or buy products, you agree with the informations on this page and you agree to submit to all the rules.

1. On this site we are providing a service to host online stores used by people to sell their handmade products. We are not involved directly in the transactions between vendors and their clients, we are only offering a place where these transactions are happening, and we don't have any control of the quality, safety and legality of the products listed on site, the validity and clarity of these products. We don't have any control about the vendors' ability to sell / deliver a product, and neither about their clients' ability to pay for their purchases. We don't verify the identity of the vendors nor the content or the information they are offering (the age, the phone number, the address, etc.) before the products are listed on site.

We can not vouch for any third parties involved in the transaction and their ability to finish that transactions. That's why we are encouraging you to talk directly and as often as you can with your partners in transaction using the available channels (messages, phone numbers, etc) before ordering or delivering the products.

2. The service we are offering can be used only by the persons that are already 18 years old or more and that can be involved in contracts according with the current laws in Romania. Creating an account and using this service you guarantee that you are at least 18 years old and all the information posted on this website are correct and real.

3. Pices and services

We don't ask money for creating a user account. We don't ask moneny for product and order administration uploaded and made using this website.

We ask money only for listing the products in order to get purchased by visitors or other users. The subscriptions depend of the number of listed products:

  • 15 euros / month for 10 listed products
  • 25 euros / lmonth for 50 listed products
  • 50 euros / month for 200 listed products

The products will be listed only in the periods when the subscription is active. In the moment the subscription expire or it is stopped (by you, as a user, or by us, as administrators) the products does not appear anymore in the frontend. When a new subscription is paid the uploaded products will become visible again in the frontend.

If you want to unlist one or more products you can just deactivate it from the administrative section of the store.

The subscriptions are paid in advance. When a subscription is stopped (whatever the motifs behind that decision) before the end time, the money for the remaining period of time is not returned.

4. The accounts are personal, identified by valid emails. You are the only one responsable for the activities of your account, also for the possible damages produced by your failure to keep your password confidentially. You agree to let us know immediately by any unauthorized use of your account and any breach of security. You agree that we are not responsible by any losses or damages because you can not keep your password save and secure.

You can not transfer or sell your account on this website or this username to another person or company.

5. You agree to uphold all the rules of online behavior and content. You are the onluy responsable for the product and the information uploaded on this site, with all the legal consequences that come from using our service (we are not responsable for copyright / contract infringement or breaking the Romanian law during your activities here, as a user on this site). You are the only one responsible for all the prices and the taxes applied for selling products on this site.

6. By posting any product on this site you vouch that yourself and all the aspects of that product match the policy of this site and the laws of Romania. You also vouch that you can sell that product legally, and when the quantity is greater that 1 (when you sell more than one piece of that product) all the product match the description and the attributes uploaded on this site. The product description include text, graphics, images or any other content relevant for selling each product - by accepting these terms and conditions you vouch that the description is clear and matches, along all the terms of sale, the products.

7. All the vendors are advised to make the policy of their store as visible as posible in order to be accessible to the visitors. These policies can include delivery, return and changing the listed products, accepted methods of payment. As a vendor using this site you have to write a resonable policy and in good faith and to keep it - you are responsable for inforcing it. All the store policies have to be aligned with the general rules of this site, and we reserve the right to ask you to modify the policy for your own store when there is the case.

8. All the sales are mandatory. The vendore oblige themselves to deliver the products or to close the transaction quickly. Exceptions:

  • the buyer can't furfill the terms and condition of the store (as filling in a corect address or paying the product).
  • the vendor can't identify / contact the buyer to deliver the products.
  • nu există modalitate de livrare a produselor la adresa dorită de cumpărător

The buyers oblige temselves to pay for the purchased products as long as it does not appear an exceptions (mention or not above).

9. The price of the products have to be a precise match of the sale - that means that you vouch that the people purchasing your products does not pay another sum of money than the one listed on site. The vendors vouch that they ask reasonable fees for wraping and delivering the products, that they does not ask exaggerate fees for transport and that can not avoid the mandatory taxes. The vendors are not allowed to change the price of a product after a purchase in order to mislead their clients.

10. You are the only person responsable for your activities on this site, when you buy or when you sell using our services. You are the only responsable for the information filled in on site, the username, graphics, images, pictures, audio / video recordings you add / fill in on this site.

11. It is forbidden to:

  • run a fraudulent activity or one that involves selling stolen or counterfeit goods
  • offer false, not exact or misleading information
  • infrige copyright, brevets of invention, trade marks, trade or property secrets or any other rights (as the intelectual property) of someone
  • break this terms and conditions and the laws of Romania
  • add / list products notified by Romanian National Autority for Consumer Protection as being dangerous for consumers
  • add / list products (including their description and attributes) that contain child pornography and defamatory information (and the ones that, in general may hurt other people)
  • add / list products that could make this site break the laws of Romania
  • link site (in any form) to products and services forbidden on this terms and rules

When we notice or we are told about illegal activites run by the users of this site we block the account or accounts involved and we provide the necessary information to the activities and user to Romanian authorities.